PU vs. Full-Grain Leather

PU vs. Full Grain Leather.

What You Need to Know.

Kahn Barnes

We all know that not all leathers are made equal...

Many people, likely yourself, have possibly purchased leather items in the past, or like now considering purchasing one of our beautiful leather products.

How do you know what type of leather products you are purchasing with those hard earned dollars?

How do you know it is the highest quality ?

Not many people do...

Yes, in the future we will delve into the world of innovative technological improvements in vegan leathers, different types of tanning and leather effects.

But for now, let’s get down to basics.

The most common leathers are:

Full-grain Leather: For top-of-the-line leather, choose full-grain

Top-grain Leather: A cut of top-grain leather is almost identical to full-grain leather

Split-grain Leather (Suede): Created from the fibrous part of the hide

PU Leather (Faux Leather): Plastic leather, more recently rebranded as vegan leather

Bonded Leather: A mix of both genuine and synthetic leather, usually mixed with a polyurethane binder

So how do you tell the difference between high-quality leathers, faux leathers and cheap imposters?


Making the right choice.

At Kahn Barnes, we only use full-grain leather, as the premium, top of the line outer for a super smooth yet durable result. We could have gone for the cheap and nasty stuff - and we would increase profits by doing so, however, we are here to build a community and grow a relationship with you based on our products daily reliability and premium aesthetic.

Have you ever had your belt or favourite wallet fall apart prematurely? Found the middle of the product was filled with something fluffy? Purchased online thinking you were buying real leather then received it and it was… dare I say it... ‘plasticey’….?

It's a common misconception that leather products are all leather. There are many loop-holes brands will take advantage of, through using bonded or primarily plastic, faux leathers. Cheap imitations of leather are my personal pet hate.

PU leather does not smell, the easiest way to tell is by gently rubbing the leather and sticking your nose up to it.

Breathe deeply when you first receive your Kahn Barnes wallet, clutch or hand bag and know you have made the right choice.

This is a great way to tell if you are buying the REAL DEAL or needing to return the rip off.

PU leather is also a petroleum based material so the ecological impact is equally as hectic for any vegans or people wanting to ensure they are not making a conscious decision. Real leather is a byproduct from the meat industry and hides have been used for clothing and other products for centuries.

Our passion for providing high quality, premium leather products, without the premium price-tag has led us here today. Here at Kahn Barnes, we’re proud to be leading the charge in providing consumers premium, full grain leather products that promote high-end style and high-end quality.

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