Kahn Barnes was born out of a desire to deliver timeless products sourced from the highest-quality materials and best craftspeople in the world.

Our story begins with founder Nini Zhang, and her vision for everyday fashion that is both stylish and ethically produced.

Growing up in a minority culture in a remote part of China’s Fujian province, Nini developed an early-on appreciation for traditional crafts and affordable, reliable fashion.

Moving to Shanghai as an adult, Nini witnessed first-hand the devastating exploitation of migrant and ethnic groups – and the true cost of low-cost labour.

After moving to Melbourne, Nini decided to make a difference in the industry. Empowering vulnerable craftspeople from around the world, working alongside them to handcraft designs that are elegant, timeless whilst celebrating their unique cultures. And just as importantly, ensure they receive the wages and recognition they deserve.

We travel the world to find the most skilled craftspeople, often within minority communities. All of Kahn Barnes’ products are designed and developed in-house, and produced in limited quantity using premium-quality materials that are made to last.

Our sleek, minimal limited collections are created to suit any wardrobe or occasion, from the office to a night out. We believe in empowering the consumer, delivering accessories that meet the needs of everyday style and convenience.

So, when you shop with Kahn Barnes, you’re not just purchasing a beautiful, long lasting, high quality accessory - you’re supporting minority cultures in need too.